Your Name
Vasileios Vittis
University of
Massachusetts, Amherst


PhD student in the College of Information and Computer Science Department at University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Working on the intersection of machine learning, applied statistics and database systems.

For more information you can take a look at my Resume and/or read my Statement of purpose.

I am first and foremost a problem solver, and search widely to find problems where mathematics can answer scientific questions.

My Timeline

Poster Accepted at NEDB

I presented my poster for the latest work on Incremental Package Maintenance


Joined the DREAM Lab

“Pushing analytics close to database systems”

Working as Research Assistant with Prof Alexandra Meliou and Prof Peter J. Haas on dynamic query package maintenance. A work that extends PackageBuilder under evolving queries & data stream.

Received a UMass CICS scholarship of $4,000 for the Best Ph.D. applicant

Sept 2022
Ph.D. Applications Accepted

I had the honor to receive a letter of acceptance both from Boston University and University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Feb 2022

BsC & MEng in Electrical and Computer Engineering

“Online Machine Learning in Distributed Environments for Big Data”

I worked with Prof Antonios Deligiannakis on Random Forest Optimizations under Data Drifts

Class Ranking: Top 5%
GPA (Computer Science): 3.6/4

1st Place Entrepreneurship Initiative Start-up Pitch Greece Section

“Scan, Throw, Recycle”

Founded a start-up initiative, RεScan, a user-friendly app promoting correct recycling habits. By scanning the barcode of items, the integrated machine learning model determines and suggests the recyclability category (if any), guiding users to dispose of their waste properly.


Technical Skills


flink spark storm hadoop kafka django mysql postgresql mongodb cassandra truffle

Programming Languages

java python scala js Bash scripting c++ php php


git tensorflow jupyter scilit google cloud phpmyadmin apache server nodejs reactjs docker databricks sbt apache maven R matlab ganache

My technical skills as Research Data Scientist

The key concepts that I am very familiar with!